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Avoid the Pitfall of Dental Anxiety with Sedation

Dental anxiety is a problem that we no longer want to brush under the rug. At Morris County Dental Associates, we believe in prioritizing patient care. However, that looks for each individual is up to them. When dental anxiety exists, our objective is to offer solutions that work. That’s why Dr. Goldberg has obtained DOCS education and certification in the area of oral conscious sedation. If you’ve been avoiding the dentist, we want to help you change your ways. Here, we discuss the consequences of not seeing the dentist and what we can do to help make your dental visits something you can appreciate rather than fear.

Why We Want to Help You Manage Dental Anxiety

Not seeing the dentist may enable you to avoid facing certain stressors; however, it may lead to others:

Gum disease

The dental anxiety that prevents regular visits to the dentist inevitably opens a door for problems like gum disease. This condition develops when invisible plaque sticks to enamel at the base of teeth. The cleanings performed in our office are intended to remove the biofilm that you may not see when you brush at home.

Unnecessary suffering

Dental anxiety is a double-edged sword. On one side, you’ve got the unpleasant sensations that stem from fear. On the other side, you’ve got cavities and gum disease that cause bad breath, tooth sensitivity, and out-and-out pain. Often, the only reason a person who fears dental care sees the dentist is that pain and the fear of losing a tooth override the initial anxiety they must endure. This is a cycle that could play out endlessly if not interrupted with compassionate sedation dentistry.

Embarrassment about your teeth

Seeing the dentist may not seem like it does much for your smile, but it can. Those routine cleanings polish away surface stains so your smile shines more brightly. Cleanings prevent the buildup of tartar, a hardened form of plaque that becomes visible on teeth. Finally, the disease prevention that is attained with routine dental care can save you from the embarrassment of bad breath.

Schedule a Consultation

Dental anxiety is something to discuss with your sedation dentist. Contact our Succasunna office at 973-328-1225 to learn more about your options for relaxing dental care.

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