You Don’t Need To Worry Or Be Frightened About Your Dental Visit

dental sedationIf it’s been too long since you’ve visited the dentist and the thought of it has your knees knocking, take a deep breath. Sedation dentistry is the way we help our patients relax during their dental procedures. We may recommend an oral sedation to be taken the night before or shortly before your visit, or we may recommend using Nitrous Oxide – also called inhaled minimal sedation.

You may have heard of nitrous oxide because its common name is “laughing gas.” It’s the perfect way to take the fear out of a visit to the dentist. Nitrous oxide is a safe, effective, colorless gas with a sweet odor that is prepared by heating ammonium nitrate. As a dental sedation, it produces exhilaration or anesthesia when mixed with oxygen and inhaled through a small mask that fits over your nose. It does not put you to sleep.

During your dental procedure, you will be able to hear and respond to any requests or directions your dentist may have. You will breathe normally through your nose, and within a few minutes you should start feeling nitrous oxide’s soothing, calming effects. You may also feel a tingling in your legs and arms or they may feel heavy. You may feel light-headed. But the important thing to remember is that you should feel calm and comfortable. Nitrous oxide wears off soon after your dental procedure is complete and the mask is removed. You will typically need a local anesthetic, as well – a numbing medication at the site where your dentist is working.

Nitrous oxide can make procedures that take hours seem like minutes, even though you are completely awake and conscious. When the effects wear off, you will not remember the sounds, smells or sights of your visit.

Before your dental procedure, we will go over your medical history with you – including any medications you are currently taking. This will ensure that you are an appropriate candidate for oral or nitrous oxide sedation.

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Dental Anxiety

Dental Anxiety? Take A Huge, Deep Breath!

Steer Clear Of Dental Anxiety with Morris County Dental in Succasunna, NJ

Dental anxiety and the downright fear of sitting in the dentist’s chair is so common that approximately 15% of adults completely avoid visiting the dentist because they are afraid. Those are sobering statistics, especially considering the damaging effects of dental disease.

Dental anxieties seem to be more common in older adults, who may have experienced dental care when procedures were not as advanced, and they may have been the recipient of a dental procedure when anesthesia was not used and their comfort was not foremost in the dentist’s mind.

The good news is that great strides have been made in making a visit to the dentist more comfortable.

If you happen to be one of the fearful, here are five strategies to calm your fears:

  1. Talk to your dentist – If you’re anxious about a procedure, talk with your dentist about it. It could be that the “unknown” is what you fear, especially if it has been many years since you last visited a dentist. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
  2. Talk with your hands – It’s difficult to communicate with your dentist with a mouthful of dental tools. Talk to your dentist before your procedure about how you will communicate any pain or sensation you may feel.
  3. Get distracted – Let your mind wander; think about something else. Have your smart phone or mobile-device handy and listen to the radio, a podcast or an audio book.
  4. Consider medication – Today’s anesthesia is much more effective than in years past. Discuss with your dentist the varied possibilities, such as an oral medication taken the night before your procedure, numbing medication or nitrous oxide.
  5. Take a breath and take a break – Especially during long procedures, anxiety can build and you may begin to feel claustrophobic. If you feel, at any time, like you need take a break, let your dentist know.

If you find that you lose sleep and tend to worry excessively about what might happen at the dentist’s office, Dr. Goldberg can put your fears to rest.

Your oral health is well worth the effort. Call for a consultation, today: (973) 328-1225