How the Snap On Smile can quickly transform the smile of our patients

Snap On Smile | Succasunna NJDr. Ira Goldberg is a dental professional in Succasunna, NJ proud to offer patients in the community ways to enhance their smiles. When patients have imperfections that may require extensive dental work, they may be unable to achieve the smile they’ve always wanted. This is when our team of professionals at Morris County Dental Associates may suggest the benefits of the Snap On Smile.

What is a Snap On Smile?

The Snap On Smile is a dental restoration that is used by patients to improve the appearance of their smile quickly and easily. It is a special denture that covers the existing teeth and provides a more attractive look to their smile immediately. The Snap On Smile is a great alternative to undergoing expensive, long-term procedures to permanently address problems within the smile.

Who is a candidate for the Snap On Smile?

Patients who are interested in the Snap On Smile solution may want to look their best when needed, but do not have the time or money to completely rehabilitate the smile. Dr. Ira Goldberg encourages patients to book a consultation appointment with him to find out if they are considered an appropriate candidate for this treatment, and to discuss alternative options when available.

Can I design my smile?

Absolutely! Dr. Ira Goldberg of Morris County Dental Associates works directly with patients to determine the type of smile they’d like to achieve with their Snap On Smile. The smile is designed with their thoughts and desires in mind to provide an amazing transformation the minute patients put their restoration in their smile. Patients take part in the designing of their new restoration to ensure its exactly what they want!

Ready to transform your smile without extensive dental work?

Contact the team of Morris County Dental Associates to learn more about the Snap On Smile solution! Dr. Ira Goldberg can assist patients in addressing imperfect smiles quickly and easily for social events, photos, and other situations in which patients want to look their absolute best. Call (973) 328-1225 today to book an appointment at our practice, located at 15 Commerce Boulevard #201 in Succasunna, NJ.

Snap On Smile | Succasunna NJ

How to Care for Snap on Smile

Many of the patients who visit our Succasunna office for cosmetic dentistry ask about the value of Snap on Smile. This innovative technique to makeover the smile in a snap is appealing because it overcomes the hurdles that prevent many people from getting the smile they want. This removable appliance is custom made to fit over existing teeth and does not require alterations that would require ongoing maintenance regarding repeat treatment. However convenient and affordable Snap on Smile may be, it is important that patients know how to care for their cosmetic fixture to maximize its lifespan.

Snap on Smile Maintenance Tips


Just like natural enamel, it is possible that the resin material used to create a Snap on Smile fixture can absorb tiny particles from foods and beverages. As much as possible, patients with this fixture should avoid cigarettes, red wine, tea, coffee, and other products that are known for causing stains on teeth.


Who can be expected to avoid such a wide variety of foods and beverages! We understand that there may be occasions when you want to enjoy a nice cup of coffee while wearing your Snap on Smile. Knowing the characteristics of resin, dental professionals suggest a strict cleaning protocol for this product.

The Snap on Smile fixture should be removed daily. When it is removed, it should be cleaned, as should your teeth. Because the fixture fits over natural teeth, oral care is vital to the prevention of cavities and other problems. The Snap on Smile can be cleaned in the same way a denture might be cleaned, with a soft-bristled toothbrush and non-abrasive toothpaste.

Daily Use

Before inserting Snap on Smile, it is important to brush thoroughly but gently. The removal of debris and bacteria before insertion is necessary for cavity and gum disease prevention.

Also, when inserting and removing Snap on Smile, it is important to use two hands, one on each side of the fixture. This eliminates imbalanced pressure that could cause fracture or bends.

We are pleased to offer Snap on Smile as an affordable and convenient way to makeover the smile. To learn more about this treatment, call 973-328-1225.