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Choosing a Dental Implant Doctor in Morris County is More Than Just Cost of Dental ImplantsDental Implants Morris County

The other day I received an interesting phone call. The caller challenged me as to why she should come to my office for dental implants, rather than to a different office advertising implants for a few hundred dollars.

First, I asked her if she had a dentist that she had a good relationship with. She told me yes. I asked her if the other office was willing to work with her general dentist to be sure all treatment was coordinated. She said she didn’t know. I responded that I am willing to do that if she desired, because I feel maintaining the trust and relationship with her dentist is an important aspect of healthcare.

I then asked her about the training of the doctor in the other office. She wasn’t sure, and she mentioned there were many doctors, and she didn’t know which one would be doing the surgery. I told her this may not be important as long as they are all qualified, but that is up to her to determine. I asked her if she had looked at my training on my website: she said yes, and this was one of the reasons she was calling.

One of my other questions was what brand of implant was going to be placed. She had no idea. I told her there are many, many manufacturers, and some are more reputable than others. As with anything else in life, the more reputable the company, the greater the chance they will be around for parts and maintenance in the future, that the product has been researched and developed properly, but the higher the cost.

We spoke for a while about a number of other topics, and then I asked if they had taken a 3-D image (also known as a CBCT, which stands for “Cone Beam CT”). I was very concerned when she told me no. Not every situation requires a 3-D scan, but I have been doing implant dentistry for 20 years, and within the last few years, I scan almost all of my patients for their safety. Before I place implants I like to know where critical nerves are located, the size and shape of the sinuses, the thickness of the bone the implant is being placed into, and a number of other items.

After the caller and I hung up, I pondered the situation. I felt the patient challenged me with a good question: we all want a good product or service for a minimal amount of money. But the cost of a dental implant should not be the only factor when choosing your implant dentist.

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