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Dentures, like many other items these days, have been touched by the computerized world of CAD-CAM.  If you are a denture wearer or know that you soon need to have a denture, you may want to read this article to learn about some amazing advancements in the world of dentures.

Please note this article and concept refers to full or complete dentures, which is where a person is missing all of their teeth in a jaw (upper jaw and / or lower jaw). It does not address partial dentures, which is where a person still has one or more teeth in their upper jaw or lower jaw and intends to keep those teeth.

CAD-CAM stands for “computer aided design” and “computer aided manufacture.”  A traditional denture is designed by a dentist and technician. The dentist relays information to the technician as to where to place denture teeth, the technician places those teeth in a specific arrangement, and then the teeth are connected to a denture base made out of an acrylic (resin). With the CAD-CAM process, the technician sets the teeth per the dentist’s instructions on a computer, and then the denture is milled by robots from one solid piece of acrylic.

Advantages to having CCADCAMDenturesphotoAD-CAM Dentures:

  • Tighter fit: the fit of the denture is much better than that of a traditionally processed denture.
  • More comfortable fit: there is more contact and more even contact with the tissues in a person’s mouth, which allows for more even pressure distribution.
  • They are much more resistant to fracture than traditional dentures.
  • The teeth and acrylic are one solid piece: teeth cannot “pop off” like they can with a traditional denture.
  • It takes fewer appointments to make a CAD-CAM denture than a traditional denture.
  • Fewer sore spots: the amount of adjustments required is less.
  • Less “denture breath:” It is more hygienic. The acrylics are denser and can repel bacteria better than a traditional denture.
  • The cost is either the same or sometimes less than that of a traditional denture.
  • And one of the neatest things about this CAD-CAM process is that if you lose your denture, you dog chews the denture, or if it does break (which is uncommon), a new denture can be ordered by a phone call to the lab, and you can have the new teeth within one or two days without multiple trips to the dental office!

What you should understand about CAD-CAM Dentures:

  • If a person does not have nice tight gum tissue, preliminary treatment may be necessary to achieve stable gums.
  • Fees vary. A person with a complex situation that requires a “try-in” to verify position of teeth and patient satisfaction will have a higher fee than that of a person with a simple situation and does not have as high esthetic concerns.


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