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Has Dental Care Fallen by the Wayside? Let’s Talk about What You’ve Missed!

You may remember having to visit the dentist as a child. Many adults refer back to those early years of childhood when discussing the very reason why they tend to stop short of making routine dental appointments today. Obvious anxiety related to dental care is a common reason cited for avoiding services altogether. Another reason that is often given for missing dental appointments is that life is busy. Both reasons, and the many others we have heard, have merit. However, the benefits of routine dental care surpass any reasons to postpone it any longer.

At the bottom of most reasoning for missing dental care, we see some aversion to the processes of the dental office. We’d like to invite you to visit our Succasunna, NJ to see how dentistry has changed over the years, and how your visits can be more pleasant than you have ever imagined. Understanding that sitting in the dental chair is an unpleasant task for many people, Dr. Goldberg has established our practice to meet patient’s needs. His DOCS training in different forms of sedation make Dr. Goldberg a wonderful resource for patients with dental anxiety, as well as those who would simply like to sit back and relax during treatments.

Gaining from dentistry isn’t all about avoiding dental problems, either. This is the benefit that we most often hear, though. Because we assume you know that seeing the dentist every six months will improve your oral health, we’d like to discuss a few other things you miss out on when you don’t see the dentist.

Peace of Mind

If you look back to your early dental visits as a child, one of the most troubling aspects of seeing the dentist was probably fear of the unknown. This fear doesn’t go away, especially if dental visits are few and far between. We propose another idea: that when you see your dentist twice a year, there is very little left to the imagination. A six-month window is barely enough time for a cavity to form. So, once you see Dr. Goldberg, fear of the unknown can disappear. Along with it, stress related to dental visits also diminishes.

The Value of Modern Technology

Advances in dental technology have also made dentistry much more streamlined, pleasant, and efficient. Digital x-rays are one example of modern technology used in our practice. Digital x-rays are captured with much more ease than film imaging. Additionally, we can observe real-time views of teeth using intra-oral imaging that uses a small camera. Finally, cavity detection has also gone high-tech, enabling us to detect decay much more quickly than we would if we used manual cavity examination.

There is a lot to gain from routine dental care. To experience the lifelong benefits of a healthy mouth, schedule your consultation and exam at 973-328-1225.

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