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What is Snap-on-Smile?

Snap-On-Smile® is an affordable, non-invasive, and completely reversible appliance that can give you a new smile in as little as two visits!

Although veneers or a smile makeover may benefit a patient, the financial investment might be prohibitive. The Snap-On-Smile® is roughly the cost of one-and-a-half veneers.

Am I a Candidate for a Snap-on-Smile?

The Snap-On-Smile is a great option for almost anyone who:

    • wants veneers or a makeover, but would like to see what it would look like before they undergo an irreversible procedure,
    • wants veneers or a makeover, but cannot afford the procedures at the moment,
    • would like a Hollywood smile without the expense, discomfort, and length of complex, invasive dental procedures,
    • wants to eliminate gaps, crooked teeth, stains, or missing teeth,
    • wants to have a cosmetic procedure, but are terrified of needles and dental treatment.

Snap-on-Smile Before and After

This is a patient Dr. Goldberg treated in 2 visits. She is planning on doing a full cosmetic makeover, but the timing just isn’t right for her at the moment. Instead, she had an upper and lower Snap-On-Smile fabricated to address the unevenness, discoloration, crookedness, and a missing tooth.
Snap on Smile Before & After | Succasunna, NJ

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Learn More About Snap-on-Smile

The website ( has an excellent Q&A section under the tab, “Got A Question?” They also have several before and after pictures to view of satisfied patients. We highly encourage you to review the website.

Please click here for an education sheet on Snap-On-Smile®.

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