What issues do Denture wearers deal with?

dentures and dental implants morris county njFor many years, dental implants were not available.  Denture wearers were (and still are) subject to a bunch of complaints and problems:

  • Teeth that move and therefore rub and hurt
  • The roof of the mouth being covered
  • Unsightly hooks & clasps
  • Inability to enjoy food: taste and texture is lost
  • Poor chewing efficiency
  • Increased bone loss, leading to:
    • Potentially exposing nerves
    • Risk of jaw fracture
    • Dentures that continue to fit worse and worse as years go on

What can implants do to help?

  • Decrease or eliminate denture movement:
  • Bone loss. A denture puts pressure directly onto the jawbone, and the bone will melt away over years.  This will cause dentures to become looser, nerves can become exposed and hurt, and in extreme cases, jaws can break.
  • Increase chewing efficiency. A person cannot chew strongly or as effectively with dentures.  Once a denture is stabilized by implants, both strength and efficiency increase dramatically.  This improves nutrition, health, and overall happiness & well-being.
  • Eliminate dentures altogether. Read the section below to see how you can get rid of a denture altogether!

Can mini-implants help stabilize a denture?

For full or complete denture wearers, mini-implants help to stabilize a denture.  With 4 to 6 of these mini-implants, all of the benefits described above can be experienced.  For details, click here to view the mini-implant section.

Could I completely eliminate my removable dentures?

Another option allows denture wearers to completely eliminate the removable appliance all together!  Commonly known as All-On-Four®, Hybrid Teeth are permanent teeth which are attached to implants. Now you have teeth that you don’t have to take in and out of your mouth.  Patient confidence, increased chewing ability & efficiency, decreased bone loss, and overall patient satisfaction are all benefits of this procedure.

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