Dental Implant procedures by Morris County Dental AssociatesDental implants are small titanium cylinders that are placed into your jawbone. They replace the roots of teeth and act as anchors for single teeth, multiple teeth, or a full jaw of teeth. They can also be used to stabilize dentures, or help eliminate dentures completely.
Dental implants are one of the most beneficial and successful procedures for people who are suffering from a wide range of complex dental problems. Many have been stuck in an endless cycle of time, expense, and dental discomfort in order to save compromised teeth. Dental implants can help resolve:

  • Missing teeth or teeth that require repetitive work and financial investment
  • Chronic pain from decayed & infected teeth or genetic disposition
  • A repetitive cycle of root canals and crowns
  • Dentures or partials that slip and slide and never feel quite right
  • Loss of dental function due to compromised or missing teeth
  • Low self esteem that effects your social and professional life
  • Reluctance to smile

Dr. Goldberg is one of the area’s most talented implant providers, and will provide a solution for your concerns. We encourage you to explore this website and call us to scheduled a free consultation or email us with any of your questions.

Common questions on dentures and often over-looked topics can be answered in our Patient Information Sheets on our website. We recommend you begin with “General Information Regarding Dental Implants”.