Periodontal Disease Treatment Succasunna NJ

Dr. Ira Goldberg offers restorative treatment for gum disease in Succasunna, NJ. His professional dental team at Morris County Dental Associates treats patients with swollen and bleeding gums, toothaches, mouth sores, and receding gums. These conditions are signs of the disease. In the most severe cases of gum disease, patients may lose their teeth. Learn how we combat gum recession in our dental office:

Treating Gum Disease in Succasunna, NJ

Treating Gum Disease

Types of treatments used for gum disease:

Scaling and Root Planing: Scaling and root planing are often used in conjunction to help clean gums and fight gum inflammation. Scaling goes beneath the gum line to remove plaque and tartar and provide a deep clean. Root planing smooths out tooth roots to help gums reattach to teeth.

Gum graft surgery: During this treatment, soft tissue is taken from one part of the mouth and then used to cover tooth roots. Tooth loss that often occurs in later stages of periodontitis can be prevented with gum grafting.

Flap surgery: During this procedure, the gums are lifted and tartar is cleaned from beneath them. Deep gum pockets can be treated with flap surgery.

Treating Gum Recession with Pinhole Surgery

The Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique was developed by Dr. John Chao, who has trained Dr. Goldberg in the procedure. Also called the “lunchtime gum lift, this procedure is done to reverse gum recession using a minimally invasive procedure that is completed in a single visit with minimal discomfort and down time.

To begin, Dr. Goldberg will numb the gums and tissue in the area. A tiny hole is made with a needle in the gums. Then a special dental instrument is placed through the pinhole and is moved back and forth with gentle movements to free the gum flap over the teeth. Once the gum tissue has been freed, it is guided into a normal position covering the exposed tooth root surface. Tiny collagen strips are placed through the pinhole into the gums to help stabilize them. The pinhole method involves no incisions or sutures and usually heals in just one day.

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