From common sense to science fiction, the amazing history of tooth care

Dental Care by Morris County Dental AssociatesOral disease has always been a problem for humans. In fact, evidence of tooth decay has been found in the skulls of the Cro-Magnons who inhabited the earth 25,000 years ago. Those ancient people could not have imagined a world where taking care of your teeth was essential to life, or that there would be specific methods – fillings, crowns, root canals – all created with the purpose of preventing tooth loss.

These days we put a lot of emphasis on protecting, and even enhancing, our smiles. And we are surrounded by miraculous developments that would have seemed like science fiction even in the last century, from electric toothbrushes and invisible braces, to fluorinated water and teeth bleaching.

Modern dental care is full of new and evolving technologies and methods, designed to help you make sure your teeth last a lifetime. And we understand that good dental care also depends on the tried and true, common sense list of care:

  • Brush
  • Floss
  • Visit your dentist regularly

Even with all our efforts, however, sometimes a tooth or teeth can’t be saved. Used to be that the only solution for tooth loss was dentures – or simply living with the missing teeth and all the physical and psychological problems that can cause. But the introduction of dental implants changed that.

Dental implants provide a long-term solution for tooth replacement, and they don’t just give people back their smiles. Tooth implants can also give people back their ability to speak and eat naturally. Implants are designed to blend in, appearing natural and functioning well with your other teeth.

With dental care continuing to evolve and advance, we may see a day when altering the genetic structure of teeth will make them resistant to decay, and new tooth structure can be grown around weakened enamel.

At Morris County Dental Associates, we work with the basics to the amazing in dentistry every day, from comprehensive general care to implant and cosmetic dental services. So whether you’re considering dental implants or shopping for a family dentist, we can help. Call today, (973) 328-1225

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