This is What You Get from Dental Implants

Dental Implants Randolph NJTooth loss isn’t something that most people think much about. Early in life, we get excited about the prospect of our teeth falling out, even if the first time is a little frightening. It isn’t until much later in life when the possibility of a tooth or teeth failing recurs. With proper care and a little luck, we may never have to go through such an event at all. Teeth and gums that are maintained well over the years should last a lifetime; that is what nature intended. In the event of injury or poor oral health, though, what is needed is a method of restoration that meets all of our needs.

Successful Tooth Replacement: This is What it Looks Like

Historically, full tooth replacement has been a rather simplistic process. Failing teeth may have been extracted. They could then be replaced with a full denture, a fixture molded to the gums. Viola! New smile for life! The problem with this simple methodology is that it does not meet the full needs we have for eating and speech. Full success in tooth replacement means stability, and this is achievable with dental implants.

Dental implants lead to:

  • Teeth are not intended only for an attractive smile. We have teeth so we can chew, and so we can make certain sounds of speech. If teeth do not stay put when we bite and chew, or when we laugh to speak with other people, then they are not very efficient. Many people who wear dentures choose to leave their “teeth” out more often than not due to the discomfort caused by instability. Dental implants are the stabilizers that support an efficient mouth.
  • We want our smile to endure for life. We want our teeth also to endure so we can continue eating the foods we love. If natural teeth fail, our next best option is to replace them with the most durable and lasting fixtures. The dental implant posts that are introduced into empty root sockets become permanent anchors for replacement teeth by inviting one tissue to grow around them. The integration of these posts provides both stability and permanence.
  • Implant-retained artificial teeth do not need to be removed for cleaning. For proper care, patients are advised to brush and floss or rinse around implants with a water irrigator to inhibit bacterial activity.

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