A Good Case for Sedation Dentistry

Sedation DentistryAt Morris County Dental Associates, we maintain a high priority on patient comfort. We want you to not only get the results you want from personal dental care but also to enjoy your visits to the dentist. If you struggle with dental anxiety to any degree, the idea of actually being fond of those exams and cleanings may sound absurd. We understand. That is why Dr. Goldberg has put a lot of time and effort into his DOCS training, which enables him to provide sedation dentistry in our Succasunna area patients. If you are not familiar with oral conscious sedation, you may not even realize that you are a perfect candidate for this service!

Oral conscious sedation is a form of sedation dentistry that involves an oral sedative medication. The custom-dosage leads patients into a few relaxing hours of dental work. The sedation method is ideal for:

  • Patients who feel really, really nervous at the dentist. The safe, effective sedative that is provided to our patients works directly on the nervous system to cause noticeable calm. Sedation dentistry has also been referred to as sleep dentistry, simply because some patients do become relaxed enough to doze off. This is not a guarantee, but you can rest assured your anxiety will be lifted and will not stand in the way of your treatment.
  • Expedited care. There are two ways in which sedation facilitates faster, more efficient care. One is that we can perform more treatment in a single visit. When you are sedated, you don’t notice how long you are in the chair. Also, the physical relaxation that results from sedation maximizes the performance of each treatment.
  • Physical and mental relaxation. There are certain conditions that can make it difficult for a patient to undergo dental treatment. Sedation can ease tensed muscles to create a more comfortable experience, and can also calm the mind of a patient with a cognitive disability.

There are several reasons we could give for choosing to incorporate some form of sedation into a dental visit. In addition to oral conscious sedation, our patients may explore options such as nitrous oxide and IV sedation.

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