Dental Implants Succasunna NJ

Dr. Ira Goldberg is a highly trained restorative dentist in Succasunna, NJ with advanced training and experience in implant dentistry. One of the fastest-growing areas of modern dentistry, dental implants are considered the gold standard for replacing single or multiple missing teeth or to secure dentures and dental bridges. Dental implants are a stable, permanent solution for patients who are missing one or more teeth.

Dr. Goldberg provides experienced, consultative dental care for your restorative needs and can work with you on an individual basis to achieve your goals and restore the long term integrity of your smile. From affordable single tooth implants to All-On-Four implant dentures, you can explore treatment options and receive complete care for your needs all under one roof in our Morris County dentist office.

Am I a Candidate for Dental Implants?

An adequate amount of jaw bone is usually needed to support gum tissue. However, bone grafts may be performed to create a stable foundation for one or more dental implants. Patients who do not have gum disease, or periodontitis, and have otherwise healthy teeth and gums are good candidates for receiving dental implants. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Goldberg to see if dental implants are a viable option for you.

Why Choose Morris County Dental and Dr. Goldberg?

All of our dental implant treatments are performed in our office. Dr. Goldberg has had the honor of treating local colleagues needing dental implants and also receives referrals from local general dentists to treat their patients needing or desiring dental implants.

Dr. Goldberg has received numerous accolades and awards including “America’s Top Dentists” and “NJ Top Dentists.” Because Dr. Goldberg performs so many implant and implant-related procedures, he has invested heavily in staff, staff training, and in-office digital technology to make procedures faster, safer, and more predictable. We offer the convenience of complete care under one roof and the benefit of consistency of care throughout the process.

Dental Implants in Succasunna, NJ

One or more teeth can be replaced with affordable dental implants for a long-lasting, permanent, and secure result. Your teeth and gums will be assessed by Dr. Goldberg prior to treatment. After a thorough exam, he will answer any treatment questions you may have and will review your budget and goals with you.

Dental implants consist of a titanium post, abutment, and dental crown that are custom-fit to each patient. The process spans several months. Dr. Goldberg will begin by surgically inserting the titanium post into the space that was left behind by your lost tooth. The post will fuse to your bone tissue over a healing period of three to six months. After this period of healing, the abutment and custom dental crown will be attached to the post.

Once the soft tissues have healed, Dr. Goldberg will permanently secure an abutment as needed, the final dental crown or a hybrid denture. Your new smile will restore your ability to enjoy your best quality of life including your favorite foods and confidence in your smile.

Dental implants can often be life-changing for anyone who has suffered the effects of missing teeth, a loss of confidence in their smile or a poorly fitted denture. Dr. Goldberg is proud to be a part of our patients’ stories as they seek to restore their smile and the ability to enjoy life again.

How to Care for Dental Implants

Patients will need to visit our dental office 3 to 4 times per year within the first two years. You should expect to have the implant or implants and teeth or appliance physically checked, the occlusion (bite) checked, and radiographic exams (x-rays) taken. If you are problem-free after the first two years, annual exams (or semi-annual if you have any natural teeth in your mouth) with annual films should then be expected.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Dental implants are often part of what is called a full mouth rehabilitation or full mouth reconstruction. This process can be as simple as dental crowns and tooth bonding or can include a series of treatments to address complex concerns from periodontal disease to lost teeth. Dr. Goldberg works with patients who need to address a range of dental problems to create a personalized treatment plan for their needs.

Restorative treatments that can be included in a full mouth reconstruction are:

  • Tooth-colored fillings
  • Dental bridges
  • Root canal therapy
  • Dental crowns
  • Inlays and onlays

One or more of these treatments may be combined with cosmetic procedures including:

E-Books on Dental Implants

Dr. Goldberg is committed to patient education and has authored two informative E-books on dental implants. Please download and read through the material for valuable information on all aspects of implant dentistry. If you have additional questions we welcome you to contact our office as an existing patient or to schedule a consultation as a new patient and explore your treatment options.

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Dr. Goldberg offers dental implant treatment in Succasunna, NJ to patients with missing teeth. Call Morris County Dental Associates for comprehensive dental solutions at 973-298-5893. You may also request an appointment with our staff online.