Keep Stains Off Your Teeth!

Teeth Staining by Morris County Dental AssociatesA beautiful, bright smile can surely liven up someone’s day. A stained smile, however, not so much. Teeth staining is a common dental problem that many people worry about, as it diminishes the beauty of your smile. There are various factors that can contribute to this problem, and if they are getting in the way of your supposedly-gorgeous teeth, you may have to fight back against staining.

Not so sure about how you can steer clear from teeth staining? Give our highly qualified dentist Dr. Ira Goldberg a visit to discuss your options. You can take note of the following tips as well.

Brush and Rinse: The perfect anti-staining combo.
If something you eat or drink leaves a mark on your hands, it may also stain your pearly whites. This should be your cue to brush your teeth right after you’ve munched them down. If you are unable to do so, at least rinse your mouth with water to wash off food debris or liquid traces.

Substances to Avoid
The best thing to do to avoid teeth staining is to avoid or minimize consumption of food or drinks that contribute to the unwanted discoloration of your teeth. You might want to drink soda, red and white wine, tea, and cranberry juice in moderation. Meanwhile, think twice before you add an additional cup of coffee to your day. Too much coffee can greatly and gradually diminish the whiteness of your smile. Other teeth-staining substances include tomato sauce, soy sauce, blueberries, and beets. During your visit with us here at Morris County Dental Associates, Dr. Goldberg can provide you with more information on different teeth-staining food and drinks to avoid.

How to Keep Your Teeth Bright
Apply these tips on a daily basis to preserve the whiteness of your teeth.

  • Drinking with a straw. This will prevent teeth-staining liquids from sticking to the surface of your teeth.
  • Brushing, flossing, and rinsing with mouthwash. Practicing good dental hygiene can best maintain the health and natural color of your teeth.
  • Getting your teeth cleaned by a professional. Dr. Goldberg provides professional teeth whitening treatments to remove hideous teeth stains once and for all.

Want to have a whiter smile? Call us today at (973) 328-1225 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Goldberg and learn how you can treat teeth staining and have a dazzling smile in no time.

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