Let’s Look at LUMINEERS | Succasunna, NJ

Let’s Look at LUMINEERS

Let’s Look at LUMINEERS | Succasunna, NJThe whole idea of a smile makeover is relatively new in modern society. It has only been in the last fifteen or so years that dentists have been handed the education and high-quality materials needed to transform the appearance of the smile with meticulous techniques. Porcelain veneers replaced full porcelain or composite crowns as a valuable and cost-effective way to disguise cracks, gaps, chips, and more. As convenient and effective as this cosmetic treatment is, porcelain veneers are not for everyone. That’s why LUMINEER treatment is an alternative that peaks the interest of many patients.

LUMINEERS vs Traditional Veneers

One of the reasons that patients may feel apprehensive about receiving porcelain veneers is that this method of treatment is a bit more complex. The entire process takes only two visits, but ongoing care is necessary to maintain veneers. The biggest factor in that maintenance is the need to replace a standard porcelain veneer should it break or fail. That is not the case with LUMINEER veneers.

The purpose of LUMINEERS veneers is to enhance the smile with all the beauty of high-quality dental porcelain, but to do so without the need to reduce tooth enamel. The thickness of a traditional veneer is like that of a fingernail. LUMINEERS are like that of a contact lens. This doesn’t seem like a significant difference. However, it is enough to allow a LUMINEER to sit flush against the gums without altering the thickness of natural enamel.


The no-prep veneer is capable of achieving the same improvements as traditional veneers. LUMINEERS can make it appear as though gaps never existed. These sheets of Cerinate porcelain can bring more radiance to the smile, or create the illusion of alignment where a tooth is naturally turned. LUMINEERS can do all of this without asking for a long-term commitment, too. The Cerinate porcelain from which these veneers are made is ultra-durable and can be expected to last many years. Some have lasted more than fifteen years with good care. If there is a desire for removal, though, this remains a possibility as well.

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