Maximize your Teeth Whitening Treatment with these Tips

Teeth WhiteningIn case you haven’t noticed yet, the foods and beverages you have been consuming are doing a number on your smile. Discoloration is a common problem among adults of all ages for the very fact that it is extremely difficult to avoid foods that stain. The culprits go far beyond coffee and red wine. That curry you love? It has compounds that will stain your teeth. So do berries, and so does soda.

As you can see, discoloration is all but impossible to avoid, even if you take really good care of your teeth. That is why professional teeth whitening was something sought by humans across the centuries. The process used today took hundreds of years to perfect, and we are fortunate enough to benefit from all those years of trial and error. Now let’s talk about how you can make the most of your whitening treatment.

Do this . . .

  • Do it right the first time. Translation: have your dentist whiten your teeth. We offer a few different options using the KOR Whitening System, including a home whitening treatment.
  • Although KOR has been formulated specifically to get the best results with minimal sensitivity, some patients like to prepare for their treatment by using toothpaste for sensitive teeth, or mineralizing toothpaste.
  • Teeth lose minerals when we chew, and mineral content is important for strong, bright enamel. Mineral content is restored with saliva. So encouraging saliva flow is a good measure for remineralization. You can do this by chewing sugarless gum and drinking plenty of water. If you have chronic dry mouth, talk to us about how to manage this condition.

Avoid this . . .

  • Protect tooth enamel after whitening by avoiding foods that are highly acidic. This includes coffee (sorry!) and salad dressings with a vinegar base.
  • Foods that cause stains. Ok, we know you cannot spend the rest of your days eating only “light-colored” foods. But for a few days, while you are whitening your teeth, this is a great way to maximize your results.

The team at Morris County Dental Associates, LLC is here to help you add radiance to your smile. Call 973-328-1225 to learn more about our teeth whitening options.


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