Are you Misinformed about Dental Care?

dental care Succasunna, NJ | Dr. GoldbergIf we have learned anything from the widespread use of the internet, it’s that the ease of finding information could be overshadowed by the difficulty of sorting through all of it. Just because you read something on the web does not make it true. In fact, there are numerous myths spread across the world, found with the click of a button. There is danger in the transmission of information that may be more fiction than fact, even when it comes to how you care for your teeth. Here, we will set the record straight on a few fallacies.

  1. Cavities? Sugar is to blame! The idea that sugar is the “bad guy” in the game of tooth decay originated long before the worldwide web became the newest sensation. This theory was first developed many, many moons ago when patients who consumed sugar presented with more tooth decay than those who did not. Over time, research uncovered the true, direct culprit to decay: acid. Sugar is only the fuel which drives oral bacteria to deposit acid byproduct throughout the mouth.
  2. Baby teeth are not important. Baby teeth or primary teeth will, in fact, fall out. Until they do, they serve a crucial purpose: to hold space for the teeth that are developing within the jaw. Baby teeth support biting, chewing, speech, and jaw development. Loss or extraction could mean misalignment down the line.
  3. Apply an aspirin on a toothache for fast relief. We know how much patients would like to resolve tooth pain quickly, and often on their own. Pain indicates that there is a problem somewhere inside the tooth. This means you need to see the dentist, not apply an aspirin. That won’t work, anyway. For temporary pain relief, take an over-the-counter pain reliever by mouth, as directed, then call our office.
  4. A crown will prevent a cavity. This is a concerning bit of misinformation that must be put to rest. It is possible for a cavity to develop underneath a crown. This restoration extends over the tooth to the gum line. That does not equate to full coverage. If plaque forms around the base of the crown, there is a chance for decay.

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