Our Technology Succasunna, NJ

We live in an era where technology develops at an outstanding rate. It has penetrated the world of dental implants, too. Dr. Goldberg performs so many dental implant procedures that he has selectively invested in digital technology for the benefit of your patient experience and outcome. The technology in our office supports our comprehensive services for implant dentistry from evaluation to treatment planning and placement.

digital dentistry in morris county nj


A CT scan (known as CBCT in the dental world) provides a doctor with a 3-D image of bone structures. Dr. Goldberg has this type of scanner in his office. There is no need to send you to an imaging center or to another dental office. It borderlines malpractice in this day and age not to take a 3-D scan before placing a dental implant.


Taking a 3-D scan is useless if you don’t have software to view the scan, and then plan out implant placement. Again, Dr. Goldberg has this planning software. In fact, he has 3 different software: a bit overkill, but necessary in order to communicate effectively with patients, other practitioners, and laboratories.


Digital impressions, also known as optical scanning, allow for a multitude of different procedures. From your perspective (the patient), this means we can take impressions without the traditional goopy materials. In the case of dental implants, we can place them faster with more accuracy than traditional methods.


Guided surgery refers to techniques that allow us to install dental implants with a great level of precision. It requires a mixture of many materials, techniques, and knowledge. When appropriate, Dr. Goldberg has all of these components within his arsenal to deliver expected results.


X-Guide is a GPS unit for dental implant placement. Just like the GPS in your car, this GPS provides real-time information to allow for accurate implant placement and immediate adjustments & corrections. This piece of equipment has proved itself invaluable for complex & complicated implant treatments, which is oftentimes the type of procedures patients seek Dr. Goldberg out for, or the referrals he receives from other dentists within the community.


Dr. Goldberg utilizes a carbon dioxide laser within his practice. This tool is useful for recontouring soft tissue (gums) either around dental implants or the dental implants placement area. Mismanagement of soft tissues can lead to peri-implantitis, which is inflammation & potential infection around implants.