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Reception Room

The reception room is the first experience you’ll have with our office. Its is large, modern, and comfortable to help relieve the anxiety you may have from being at the dentist.

It is appointed with cozy chairs, TVs for your entertainment, and literature regarding procedures you may be considering.

Come on in and relax!

Waiting area of the dental office of Dr. Ira Goldberg

 Lobby in the dental office of Dr. Ira Goldberg

amenities at Morris County Dental Associates

Consultation Room

Some dental office designers would say this is wasted space. We absolutely feel the opposite is true. We use this room to meet with new patients, along with anyone you choose to bring with you. It is a “non-dental setting” where the anxiety of dental equipment is removed, so we can focus on you.

In addition, every morning the doctors and staff meet in this room and review the schedule to be sure the day gets off to a good start with everyone on the same page. We review each and every patient to be sure we are providing the proper care and addressing all patient concerns.

Consultation room of Morris County Dental Associates

Treatment Rooms

The rooms dedicated to patient care were designed with YOU in mind. All of them have large windows with a view and great daylight, and there are TVs for your entertainment.

The chairs are relaxing and comfortable. Our equipment is modern and up-to-date, so that we can perform procedures quickly, effectively, and safely.

Treatment room at Morris County Dental Associates

Operatory at Morris County Dental Associates

Surgical Suite

We perform lots of involved dental surgeries, such as full mouth dental implants, All-On-Four® dental implants, regeneration such as bone grafting, extractions, and more. We have dedicated a portion of the facility just for these types of services. It is clean, spacious, comfortable, and designed for efficiency. It is important to us to keep our patients safe and comfortable: this special treatment center does just that.

Surgical suite at Morris County Dental Associates

Our Technology

Morris County Dental Associates has been utilizing in-office 3-D scanning for over a decade. Due to the volume of implant procedures we perform, it is a critical piece of high-technology equipment. We also use it for other dental procedures, such as endodontics (root canals). It allows us to treat you, our valued patients, with a greater level of safety and accuracy.

Modern dental office technology

Dr. Goldberg’s Office

This may be a room you never see, but don’t forget: there’s always “behind-the-scenes” activities you may not be aware of! Small room, but large results to make the cogs of the wheel keep turning smoothly. This is all for YOUR benefit.

Dr. Goldberg's office

Our Hallway

Just a fun picture of our newly renovated and expanded office. Patients give us lots of compliments regarding the color schemes, the wood floors, and the glass-paned doors. “Clean, elegant, and modern, without being ostentatious” is a summary of comments we hear multiple times regarding the entire office.

Hallway at Morris County Dental Associates

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