Six Things To Consider When Choosing A Cosmetic Dentist

Making the decision to improve your smile is an important one. When choosing a cosmetic or aesthetic dentist, you want a professional you can trust. A dentist who is highly trained in cosmetic dentistry will put your goals and expectations first and will fashion a smile that you will live with and love for many years to come.

cosmetic dentistryRead on to learn six things to look for as you select a cosmetic dentist:

  1. Years of Experience. An excellent measure of a dentist’s experience is how long they have been practicing and which procedures are most commonly performed at their office.
  2. Patient Centered. During your initial consultation, use your observational skills. The dentist and his staff should appear friendly and patient-focused, and not set on following their own agenda. A cosmetic dentist who listens to your expectations and explains your options in understandable terms has a better chance of creating a smile you’ll be proud of.
  3. Positive Atmosphere. Cosmetic dental work takes time. It’s important for you to feel comfortable. Many cosmetic dentists offer music or movie options in addition to other amenities.
  4. Positive Testimonials. Patient testimonials speak volumes about dental procedure success. An internet search can yield a wealth of information from previous patients about the cosmetic dentist you are considering.
  5. Successful Results. Ask for “before and after” photos of previous patients. Make sure you like the style and quality shown in the photos before moving forward.
  6. Specialties Offered. Do your research on which dental services are offered at the office and whether or not the dentist specializes in any procedures. Many cosmetic dentists offer some level of general dentistry and vice versa. A dentist who offers multiple services is convenient because you do not have to switch between specialists who have never seen your mouth before. A cosmetic dentist that is highly specialized can be the right choice if your mouth requires specific or extensive work.

Call for a consultation, today, and let Dr. Goldberg and his team of experienced professionals help you achieve a smile you will love: 973-328-1225.

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