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All-On-Four Implants Patient

Description:This patient selected an All-On-Four® implant option to deal with her failing teeth. Extensive dental work had been performed over and over through the years, but the decay and fractures kept recurring. Four implants on the upper jaw were all that was needed to provide a foundation for her new smile!
Procedure: All-On-Four Implants

Dental Implants Patient

Description:This is one of many patients whose life was turned around by dental implants performed by Dr. Goldberg. She was suffering from pain, broken teeth, multiple cavities, and wouldn’t smile because she hated her teeth.
Procedure: Dental Implants

Upper and Lower Implants Patient

Description:This patient had upper and lower teeth that simply couldn’t be saved. He was living with pain and frustration. He opted to have a set of upper and lower implants placed in order to turn his life around, and he couldn’t be more satisfied with the outcome!
Procedure: Upper and Lower Implants

Grafting, Implants, & Crowns Patient

Description:This patient was suffering from the lack of upper back teeth and severely worn top front teeth. We performed advanced bone grafting (sinus grafting), placed six implants, and seven new crowns in the front to restore his smile. He reports being able to eat better, having more confidence, and also loves his new smile.
Procedure:Grafting, Implants, & Crowns

Implants & Bone Grafting Patient

Description:This patient wore a partial denture for many years, and suffered from significant amounts of bone loss. We replaced her upper and lower teeth with implants, and provided her with improvements to her smile, eating ability, and overall health.
Procedure: Implants & Bone Grafting

Implants & Bone Grafting Patient

Description:This patient had decay on most of her teeth. Rather than investing in root canals and crowns, especially because she felt she would not change her diet of excessive sugar and not start flossing, she opted to replace these failing teeth with implants. She’s been problem free for over 18 years at this point!
Procedure: Implants & Bone Grafting

Implant Patient

Description:Many years of dental troubles finally made this patient move forward with comprehensive dental care. After reviewing his options, he decided upon an upper All-On-Four implant procedure, along with 2 crowns and a removable partial denture for the lower. His oral health is now improved, and he is comfortable, happy, and looks great!
Procedure: Implants, Crowns, Partial Denture

Implant Patient

Description:This patient presented with severe fear of the dentist. She had many teeth that were giving her pain, as well as embarrassment. She didn’t like to smile, and was feeling depressed about her overall well-being. After being presented with multiple options, she elected an All-On-Four® dental implant procedure, and hasn’t looked back since! She is thrilled with her new smile, and so are we! On top of that, she’s not even scared of the dentist anymore.
Procedure: All-On-Four® Implants

This patient had serious infections around the two top front teeth. Extensive rehabilitation was required: both soft tissue (gum) grafting, and hard tissue (bone) grafting. Two implants were placed with computerized guided surgery. After some teeth whitening, two custom crowns (caps) were delivered. The patient was ecstatic with the results, and so were we!”