Succasunna NJ Dentist Teeth Whitening Gallery



#5 KOR Patient

Description:This patient wanted to whiten his teeth and replace two veneers on the front teeth. We utilized KOR whitening, followed by two porcelain veneers.
Procedure: #5 KOR

#4 KOR Patient

Description:This is a KOR teeth whitening patient. There is a significant change in color! We typically see the best results with KOR Whitening.
Procedure: #4 KOR

#3 KOR Patient

Description:This is whitening with the KOR system. The pictures speak for themselves! Remember there are countless ways to whiten your teeth, and we have the best results with KOR.
Procedure: #3 KOR

#2 KOR Patient

Description:This is KOR Whitening, one of the most effective and long-lasting systems available. Although the top 4 teeth are veneers, look at the rest of the teeth and you can see how white they are! Compare them to the back bottom teeth, which are crowns. Again, you can appreciate the change in color.
Procedure: #2 KOR

#1 KOR Patient

Description:Here is a KOR Whitening patient. There are multiple crowns and fillings that did not whiten, which provides some contrast to show how powerful this system actually is! And to think this process requires minimal maintenance and has little to no post-treatment sensitivity!
Procedure: #1 KOR