Your Story May Not Be Serving you

Dental Implant Succasunna, NJMost adults can remember just how much they loved stories when they were young. Even in adulthood, the story surrounds us. It could be the latest novel that peaks your interest or that action film that just made it to theaters. We all also have personal stories, tales that we tell ourselves. These can dictate the many decisions we make from day to day, including the care we give to ourselves. We even see how dental care may be impacted by certain stories. Here, we will look at how some people let stories about dental implant treatment get between them and their best smile.

Tooth replacement is not necessary

Unless you are facing total tooth failure or loss, you could fall victim to this common story. A lost tooth is a lost tooth, and that small gap in the mouth isn’t visible in the smile, so it doesn’t matter. We’re here to tell you that it matters. Tooth loss results in much more than an altered appearance. It also affects how you chew. Teeth that carry the stress of chewing are now at risk of overuse, excessive wear, and damage.

Dental implants are for younger people

How easily we take ourselves out of just about any game by believing we are too old for one thing or another. Dental implant treatment does not have an age requirement. What is more important is that you are in good general health and that your jaw bone is, as well. Habits like smoking and oral care are important because they dictate the future success of your implants far more directly than your age.

I can just get some other treatment

Patients who say this are saying that they do not believe they deserve to get dental implants. This most often revolves around spending money to restore the smile. If you are tempted to tell yourself this story, remember that you didn’t have to earn the natural teeth that have filled out your smile for your lifetime. Likewise, there is nothing you need to do to deserve a healthy, restored smile.

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