Summertime Smile Tips

Family Dentistry Succasunna, NJThe months of warm weather and no school are a prime time for travel. Families may pile in the car and hit the open road to visit Grandma and Grandpa, or Mickey Mouse. Road trips, rail trips, and plane rides often lead to lasting memories of that special summer vacation. These treks away from home can also lead to small frustrations. With a little planning, those that pertain to the mouth can be managed. Here’s how . . .

  1. Remember to feed your teeth. Food choices may seem limited when you’re away from home; it’s so easy to stop at that vending machine or grab soda and chips on a long car ride. These choices may be convenient, but they could lead to numerous issues in your mouth. Packing apples, celery, and other crunchy foods mean that your teeth get a good cleaning while your taste buds are treated to the goodness of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  2. Drink it up. Water that is. Most other beverages are either acidic or sugary or both. Drink choices like soda and even sports drinks wash over enamel and deposit acidic substance on teeth. As this sits in place, the surface of teeth is being eroded. Water hydrates, but it also encourages saliva flow and reduces oral acidity when it is sipped throughout the day.
  3. Fight dirty mouth the right way. You may have heard the term “dirty mouth” on a television commercial for a certain chewing gum product. This term describes that feeling. You know it. The one of an obvious “fuzziness” on teeth and the tongue; the one that makes you want to keep your mouth closed for fear of chasing someone off with your breath. Dirty mouth indicates bacteria and dryness. This can be handled easily, as long as you have packed a travel-sized antibacterial mouthwash in your bag or glove box of your car. While you’re at it, throw in a small roll of floss and a travel toothbrush.

You know what else is good to do during the summer months? See your dentist! Call 973-328-1225 to schedule that routine checkup and cleaning.

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