Tooth Extraction Succasunna, NJ

The purpose of tooth extractions

No one wants to think about having a tooth pulled, but sometimes it is a necessary evil. Extractions are commonly performed by oral surgeons who can remove them in one of two ways, including simple extractions and surgical extractions. Both are available with the team at Morris County Dental Care.

What is an extraction?

A dental extraction is essentially the removal of a natural adult tooth or a baby tooth. It is done for many different reasons. Extractions may be performed in the following scenarios:

  • A patient will be having orthodontic work done, and are experiencing overcrowding. One or more teeth may need to be removed to make room for realigning the dental arch.
  • A patient has an impacted tooth, such as a wisdom tooth, that is causing pain and discomfort and can affect the development of the smile over time.
  • A child has a baby tooth that is not coming out on its own and is keeping the existing adult teeth from erupting through the gum line.
  • A patient has a tooth that has had an extremely large cavity which impacts the overall structure. In cases where root canal therapy cannot save the tooth, extraction may be recommended.
  • A patient is preparing for the creation of full dentures while there may be one or more teeth along the dental arch that need to be removed before placing.
  • A patient has had an injury to a tooth and it cannot be repaired with traditional dental options and treatments.

What extractions are performed?

Surgical extractions are extractions during which the dentist needs to access underneath the gum tissue to get to the tooth, while simple extractions are performed on teeth that have already erupted through the gum line.

Do you live in the Succasunna, NJ area and are interested in learning more about dental extractions?

Extractions are just one of many services available from Dr. Ira Goldberg at Morris County Dental Care. Contact the facility to schedule an evaluation and a consultation appointment with our team. We can be reached by phone at (973) 328-1225 and welcome patients into our office, located in Suite #201 at 15 Commerce Boulevard.

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