The use of dental bridges can restore the function and appearance of the smile when tooth loss occurs

Dental Bridges | Succasunna NJAt Morris County Dental Associates, patients in the community of Succasunna, NJ and the surrounding areas can learn about the benefits of replacing missing teeth quickly with dental restorations. There are several types of treatment options when it comes to the replacement of teeth, and one of the more popular options noticed by Dr. Ira Goldberg is that of the dental bridge.

Understanding dental bridges

A dental bridge is a dental restoration used to replace missing teeth. It helps “bridge the gap” that is left behind after a tooth has been lost or extracted. It includes a false tooth called a pontic that is fused to dental crowns on each side to create a single restoration. The crowns are bonded over the adjacent teeth for support so the pontic can sit along the gum line and function as the natural tooth once did. Dental bridges can replace a single tooth, or several teeth in a row, depending on the needs of the patient.

Why choose dental bridges?

There are many benefits to using dental bridges. They are a permanent, non-removable option, which may be better for patients than traditional partial dentures. They are affordable and are often covered in part by dental insurance plans. Dental bridges are also completely natural looking, as the restorations are made to match the color, shape, and size of the existing teeth for seamless integration. Many patients love the ability to replace their teeth with a permanent restoration without the cost of more expensive solutions such as a dental implant.

What other options are available?

Patients missing teeth may also want to ask about alternative options including partial dentures, full dentures, and dental implants.

Ready to work with a professional to decide if dental bridges are right for you?

Contact Dr. Ira Goldberg at Morris County Dental Associates to discuss options for tooth replacement when teeth are lost or extracted. Our practice offers a variety of solutions for your consideration and can be reached by phone for a consultation visit at (973) 328-1225. Our practice is located in Succasunna, NJ at 15 Commerce Boulevard #201.

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