Your Tongue Needs Cleaning, Too

clean tongueTaking care of your teeth and enhancing your smile should, of course, include the following four things:

3.Using alcohol-free mouthwash
4.Visiting your dentist twice a year

You deserve a well-earned pat on the back if you are doing these things regularly. You’re off to an impressive start towards a life-long plan for good dental health.

But, wait. Take another look at the list. There’s something missing, something that you should be taking care of that’s not on the list – cleaning your tongue. If you’re not cleaning your tongue you’re missing an important part of your daily dental care routine.

Here’s why a clean tongue is so important to your dental health:
•Cleaning your tongue can slow down and reduce plaque build-up on your teeth.
•Plaque can also develop on your tongue, and needs to be removed.
•Cleaning your tongue can reduce bad breath by removing small particles of food and bacteria that accumulate throughout the day.
•Cleaning your tongue results in healthier teeth and gums and you may reduce your risk of gum disease and tooth decay.
•Cleaning your tongue can help prevent some illnesses that affect your overall health.

What to do? Add a gentle tongue cleaning to your daily dental routine. You can use your toothbrush and toothpaste to brush your tongue while you’re brushing your teeth morning and night. However, a tongue scraper is a much more effective way to effectively clean your tongue.

Ask us about how to use a tongue scraper as part of your daily oral routine if you are not familiar with how it works. And, please, add, “Tongue cleaning” to the list of important ways to keep your mouth fresh, healthy and clean.

Your dental care routine is a large part of your overall, full-body health. Call to schedule a consultation appointment, today. Fall is here! Now is the perfect time to switch-up your dental routine: 973-328-1225.

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