Various Ways To A Brighter Smile

Teeth Whitening Succasunna, NJA radiant smile exudes confidence, health, and vitality. We may not recognize this on an immediate conscious level every time we see someone else’s smile – or our own. However, the positive reactions that humans have to nice, bright teeth are no secret. It has been demonstrated in numerous studies over the years. We don’t argue the fact that many people could benefit from having their teeth whitened. If your time has come, the question you want to ask is how to go about getting the results you want?

There are several ways that stains could be removed from teeth. The thing is, they are not all the same. Some (commercial products) are too weak to handle anything more than slight surface stains. Some (laser whitening) are an expensive way to get the job done faster. Here, we will break down some of the valuable treatments that our patients may choose to enliven their smiles.

Bleaching Trays

Because professional teeth whitening has been around for so long, it is well-known that a safe but powerful peroxide solution is the best way to lift debris from the pores of enamel. Where patients may question efficacy is when it comes to choosing in-office whitening versus home whitening. We offer home-whitening to patients of our Succasunna office for one good reason: sensitivity.

The bleaching process, just as it is, can dehydrate enamel for a short time. When the process is accelerated with the use of light, there is no mitigating this risk of sensitivity. We used to offer in-office whitening but stopped doing so when we realized how uncomfortable this treatment could be.

Home-whitening with the KOR Whitening System provides outstanding results with minimal, if any, sensitivity. Also, when you see your smile change day by day, you have the best idea of when to stop; when you have reached your ideal level of white. Remember, a snow-white smile doesn’t necessarily look beautiful against every complexion!

Porcelain Veneers

There is a lot that can be achieved, especially with dentist-formulated KOR whitening gel. However, there may be some situations that are better suited to porcelain veneers. This two-visit treatment can disguise tough stains caused by direct injury to a tooth, or by fluorosis or tetracycline. Because veneers can also perfect the shape and size of teeth, there may be a double-win to this process.

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