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What is the Cost of Dental Implants?

Many of the things we spend money on are perceived as investments; something that offers us a reward of some sort. A house is a safe and inviting space that is expected to hold monetary value over many years of time. Even the vehicles that we drive are a type of investment that provides rewards like getting us where we need to go and, if we’re lucky, getting us there in style. Dental costs fit in here somewhere, too; they just aren’t as fun and exciting for most people as getting that shiny new car or the big house.

When your dentist suggests dental implants to replace a tooth or teeth that are failing, the investment that has to be made may not feel great at first. Here, we want to point out how dental implants can be the best value for long-term health and vitality.

The Big Picture

Tooth replacement has historically focused on the necessity of structure and function. Therefore, the approach may have looked something like “just get teeth back into the mouth.” Old-school methods of tooth replacement, including bridges and dentures, may reinstate a beautiful appearance and chewing function by putting teeth back, but the degree to which they do that is limited.

Restorative fixtures like dentures and bridges are typically expected to last about 15 years. The average lifespan may be closer to five or eight years in many situations. Dental implants, on the other hand, are expected to last for life. The first surgical-grade titanium implants were used more than fifty years ago, and many of them were entirely intact for the remainder of the patient’s life.

Comparing Cost Against Longevity

Calculating cost is quite different than calculating value. Looking at the up-front costs of treatment alone, a patient may shy away from dental implants. According to research, this choice may ultimately prove costlier due to the shorter lifespan of non-implanted restorations.

What are You Really Paying For?

When you pay for dental treatment, you’re investing in something more. When dental care revolves around prevention, the investment is in the avoidance of uncomfortable dental problems. Dental care that is performed to restore something that has been lost can ultimately improve your quality of life, and that is the actual investment. Research has demonstrated the success that can be attained with dental implants.

Schedule a Consultation

If you are considering which tooth replacement protocol is right for you, now is a great time to see firsthand what research has suggested. Learn more about dental implant treatment at our Succasunna office. Contact our office at 973-328-1225 to schedule a consultation today.

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