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Why the Modern Root Canal Is Nothing Like Its Painful Reputation

It’s not as bad as a root canal is a familiar figure of speech. We would like to clarify this archaic misconception as root canal treatments have come a long way since your grandmother had one. These days, leaps in dental technology and anesthesia have made root canals no more painful than a tooth extraction.

When is a root canal treatment necessary?

First of all, let’s have a quick lesson on dental anatomy. Beneath the tooth’s hard exteriors is the dental pulp, which comprises the tooth’s soft interiors. The pulp houses the delicate blood vessels, connective tissues, and nerve endings that support the overlying tooth. The pulp can become infected from circumstances such as tooth trauma or injury, gum disease, and unattended tooth decay.

Infected pulp can potentially form an abscess within the tooth root and the surrounding jawbone. Swelling, tenderness, moderate to severe pain, prolonged sensitivity to temperature extremes, and tooth discoloration are the typical symptoms of infected pulp tissue. A root canal treatment can eliminate the aforementioned symptoms associated with infected pulp.

If you think that having a root canal these days is as painful as the root canals of the past, the following reasons should change your mind about the procedure:

  • Early detection of infected pulp
  • Improved instrumentation
  • Precise image due to enhancements in X-ray technology
  • Significant improvements in anesthesia

Are you still afraid of going through a root canal procedure? Call us to schedule an appointment!

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