All-On-4 Dental Implants Succasunna

Get a New Lease on Your Smile 

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Dental implants aren’t always the ideal tooth loss treatment for every patient. Because of underlying concerns like jawbone deterioration, some patients may not have enough bone structure to support the osseointegration process of this procedure. However, All-On-4 dental implants in Succasunna allow Dr. Goldberg to further customize the treatment to fit your needs by avoiding extensive preliminary procedures like bone grafting. Learn more about this accommodating alternative to traditional dental implant below and schedule a consultation with Dr. Goldberg today!

Why Choose All-On-4/X? 

When a person is missing all of their teeth or knows that their teeth simply cannot be saved, dentures are not the only option. The placement of 4 to 6 implants will support a new set of teeth in just one appointment! This procedure has provided countless people with a new lease on life; a beautiful smile combined with the ability to comfortably eat & function are typically the outcomes of this treatment.

Who Is a Candidate for All-On-4/X?

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Candidates for these procedures include:

  • People who live in constant dental pain from recurring infections
  • People who require so much dental care that the costs are exorbitant
  • People who are tired of the endless cycle of dental treatment that has to be redone over and over
  • People who have dentures that move and hurt 
  • People who understand jawbone will continue to deteriorate and disappear as the years progress, and they want to decrease or eliminate this process

It is best to visit us for a consultation to see if YOU are a candidate. Dr. Goldberg needs to clinically evaluate each person on an individual basis. There are many factors to consider: your overall health, the condition of the teeth in the jaw you need to treat, and the amount of bone you have (or don’t have) are just a few examples as to why you need an in-person assessment.

The All-On-4/X Dental Implants Procedure

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At your initial consultation you will have a conversation with Dr. Goldberg. He will explain the process in detail, inform you of the advantages & disadvantages of the treatment, and provide you with alternatives. Finances will be discussed, and all of your questions will be answered.

When you decide to move forward, your first appointment will be for data collection & impressions. This will allow the laboratory to fabricate your temporary replacement teeth.

The second appointment will be your procedure. Any remaining teeth will be removed, implants placed, and temporary teeth will be attached to those implants. You will go home with a new smile!

From this point, your mouth will heal for three months. You will then undergo three appointments to fabricate your final teeth. What’s also a nice benefit is that after the surgical appointment, no more Novocain is needed!

There are some offices that will deliver your final teeth on the day of surgery. While this is an acceptable technique, Dr. Goldberg does not prefer to do this. If you wish to make changes to tooth size, shape, color, or position, you cannot do so now. Also, your gums will change drastically during the 12-week healing process, so the fit is compromised. The temporary is preserved, should damage occur to the permanent appliance.

Understanding the Cost of All-On-4/X Dental Implants

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The investment for this service typically ranges between $20,000 & $27,000. Notice we said investment, and not cost. With full mouth implant rehabilitation, you are investing in your health, and this service ideally will last you for many years to come.

During your consultation, financing can be discussed. Many patients opt for a home equity loan due to low interest rates. We also offer financing through partners such as CareCredit & Proceed Finance.

This treatment is also broken up into two phases, so full payment is not expected all at once. You may be satisfied with making payments directly to the office-- this can be discussed further at your consultation.

Why Choose Dr. Goldberg for All-On-4/X?

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In most offices, this procedure is split between a surgeon’s office and a general dentist’s office. Not at Morris County Dental Associates. Dr. Goldberg is extremely well trained in All-On-Four®/Full Mouth Dental Implants and performs all dental work himself, so you won’t need to worry about getting shuffled between offices. 

Have you already been to another office and were told you don’t have enough bone? Dr. Goldberg hears this all the time. Most of the time he does not see it this way and can perform the treatment.

Dr. Goldberg is also trained in advanced All-On-Four® / Full Mouth Dental Implants. For patients that truly have complicated situations with advanced bone loss, he can place pterygoid & zygomatic implants.

All-On-Four®/Full Mouth Dental Implants are an area of implant dentistry that Dr. Goldberg excels in. He regularly has other doctors come to visit him to observe how he performs these procedures, as he’s a lead lecturer in his field. 

Removal of all of the teeth in your upper jaw, lower jaw, or both is NOT always the only option! Dr. Goldberg is well trained in many aspects of dentistry, so he knows when other treatment options can work out in your favor. Once teeth are removed, you don’t get them back. You have a right to know all of your options, and Dr. Goldberg will provide you with them.

Our Video Series on All-On-X

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Dr. Goldberg has compiled a series of videos to help answer your questions about All-On-X. These videos are like a private consultation from the comfort of your own home. Contact our office at 973-298-5893 with any further questions, or to schedule your consultation.

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