Preparing for Your Dental Check-Up

Dentists recommend scheduling a professional dental check-up every six months or so. You begin attending regular dental appointments as soon as you grow your first baby teeth. But you might not realize that you can take steps to streamline these visits for a more positive experience.

Knowing what to do ahead of your arrival at the dentist’s office can save you a great deal of time and stress. Read on to find advice from your dentist that can help you enhance your experience during your next routine dental appointment.

Preparing for Your Dental Check-Up

Complete Your Usual Oral Hygiene Routine

Your dentist performs a professional teeth cleaning during a routine dental appointment. But you should still complete your usual oral hygiene regimen prior to arriving at your dentist’s office.

Your toothbrush and floss cannot reach all areas of your mouth. So plaque and other particles may cling to your teeth after cleaning, like near the gumline. A dentist will scrape residues from these tricky parts of your smile.

But cleaning your teeth ahead of time will allow the dentist to focus on more stubborn build-up during the appointment. This can save you time in the dentist’s chair.

Make sure you stick to your usual brushing and flossing techniques as well. Do not brush your teeth rigorously in an effort to make up for skipped oral hygiene routines. This will not make your teeth cleaner and will leave your teeth and gums irritated.

Consider Your Comfort Levels Before Your Dental Appointment

Patients of all ages may feel nervous about an upcoming dental appointment. Before you head to the dentist’s office, take note of your comfort levels. Then communicate any nervousness to your dentist.

They prioritize your comfort, so they can help you feel at ease during your dental work when they know how you feel. They can offer sedation dental treatment, for instance, which is a medicine specifically designed to induce a calm feeling during a dental appointment.

You can make an effort to relax before your appointment as well through deep breathing exercises. Wear comfortable clothing as well that will not tug or cause irritation while in the dentist’s chair.

Bring All Necessary Materials to the Dentist’s Office

Before you leave for your dental appointment, check that you have all the necessary items with you. For instance, the front office staff will want to confirm your dental insurance information upon your arrival, so have this card with you. Keeping the card handy will help you avoid delays and confusion.

You should also have your oral appliances, like dentures or Invisalign, with you so that your dentist can examine them. They will want to check that they fit and function as they should. Forgetting to bring these devices might mean that you miss out on crucial dental care.

If you feel unsure about which items you need for your appointment, do not hesitate to give your dentist a call. They can provide you with more details about what to expect during your specific dental visit as well.