All on four implants help replace multiple teeth within the smile

Dental Implants Succasunna, NJMissing teeth can dramatically change a person’s life. It can affect the appearance of the smile and impact one’s self-confidence. It can cause existing teeth to shift out of place, causing gaps to form throughout the arch. It can also impact the ability for a patient to eat or speak. When these changes occur, it is essential that patients work with their dentist to find a restorative option that suits their needs. Dr. Ira Goldberg of Morris County Dental Associates believes patients can enhance their appearance and restore the function of their smile with the use of all on four implants.

All on four dental implants

Understanding the way dental implants work will help patients in learning how the all on four concept will improve the smile. Dental implants are titanium posts that act as natural tooth roots and are implanted into the bone of the jaw. This is done to act as the proper foundation for a tooth replacement option. In a situation where patients are using special dentures with their implants, a series of four implants are placed along the arch. Then, dentures are fabricated to snap into place with these implants to complete the smile!

How are all on four dentures different than full dentures?

Full dentures are restorations that are made to fit on the ridge of the gum and replace missing teeth, while also integrating in fake gum tissues as well. However, many patients do not feel as though their full dentures stay firmly in place when they eat and speak. With the use of all on four dentures, these restorations are fully attached to the mouth with the use of implant, ensuring optimum strength and functionality.

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What is the Purpose of Dental Implants?

What is the Purpose of Dental Implants?

Missing teeth can cause a lot of problems outside of just leaving behind a space in the teeth. Without teeth or restorations in place, the existing teeth can shift out of alignment causing spaces and gaps all along the dental arch. Additionally, bone loss can occur, resulting in the loosening of adjacent teeth. The ability to properly eat and speak are also impacted. Because of this, it is important for patients in the area of Succasunna, NJ to speak to a dentist such as Dr. Ira Goldberg of Morris County Dental Associates to discuss the benefits of using dental implants.

How Do Dental Implants Work?

Titanium posts called dental implants are used in a variety of ways in restorative dentistry. The primary purpose of the implant is to act as a natural tooth root. This is why the implant is placed into the bone of the jaw and restored over the top on the visible portion. Dental implants are versatile and serve many purposed.

Dental Implant Uses

A dental implant is a restoration that can be used in a number of different methodologies for enhancement of the smile.

  • A dental implant may be placed to replace a single tooth. This is achieved by restoring the implant’s abutment with a dental crown. These crowns are custom-made for the patient to act as a fake tooth.
  • A dental implant can be an anchor on one or both sides of a dental bridge. Dental bridges require teeth on each side to place, but dental implants can be used as well.
  • A dental implant may be used to stabilize a full denture, with several in place along the dental arch for this purpose.

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Dental implants can be an extremely beneficial way of addressing tooth loss or stabilizing dentures. Dr. Ira Goldberg encourages patients to book an appointment at Morris County Dental Associates to learn more about the advantages of dental implants and how they can be used to enhance the smile and restore function. Call (973) 328-1225 today to schedule a consultation visit with our staff at 15 Commerce Boulevard, Suite #201. Dr. Ira Goldberg accepts patients in and around the community of Succasunna, NJ.

Dental Implants Succasunna, NJ

What is the Cost of Dental Implants?

Many of the things we spend money on are perceived as investments; something that offers us a reward of some sort. A house is a safe and inviting space that is expected to hold monetary value over many years of time. Even the vehicles that we drive are a type of investment that provides rewards like getting us where we need to go and, if we’re lucky, getting us there in style. Dental costs fit in here somewhere, too; they just aren’t as fun and exciting for most people as getting that shiny new car or the big house.

When your dentist suggests dental implants to replace a tooth or teeth that are failing, the investment that has to be made may not feel great at first. Here, we want to point out how dental implants can be the best value for long-term health and vitality.

The Big Picture

Tooth replacement has historically focused on the necessity of structure and function. Therefore, the approach may have looked something like “just get teeth back into the mouth.” Old-school methods of tooth replacement, including bridges and dentures, may reinstate a beautiful appearance and chewing function by putting teeth back, but the degree to which they do that is limited.

Restorative fixtures like dentures and bridges are typically expected to last about 15 years. The average lifespan may be closer to five or eight years in many situations. Dental implants, on the other hand, are expected to last for life. The first surgical-grade titanium implants were used more than fifty years ago, and many of them were entirely intact for the remainder of the patient’s life.

Comparing Cost Against Longevity

Calculating cost is quite different than calculating value. Looking at the up-front costs of treatment alone, a patient may shy away from dental implants. According to research, this choice may ultimately prove costlier due to the shorter lifespan of non-implanted restorations.

What are You Really Paying For?

When you pay for dental treatment, you’re investing in something more. When dental care revolves around prevention, the investment is in the avoidance of uncomfortable dental problems. Dental care that is performed to restore something that has been lost can ultimately improve your quality of life, and that is the actual investment. Research has demonstrated the success that can be attained with dental implants.

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If you are considering which tooth replacement protocol is right for you, now is a great time to see firsthand what research has suggested. Learn more about dental implant treatment at our Succasunna office. Contact our office at 973-328-1225 to schedule a consultation today.

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What Modern Dentistry Has to Offer

Dentistry is such a common aspect of healthcare today that most people never stop to consider the humble beginnings of this practice. The earliest evidence of dental knowledge dates back to about 5000 BC when tooth decay was described as having “worms” in teeth. In ancient Greece, great minds like Hippocrates contemplated the inner workings of the mouth. Still, it wasn’t until the 1700s when knowledge regarding dental problems and their causes reached a stage at which we had any power against them. Formal dentistry didn’t emerge until the middle of the 19th Century. Boy, have we come a long way since then!

We are proud (and relieved!) to live in a time at which dentistry is not a challenge. Innovation has led to solutions that were once unimaginable. Examples include:

Dental Implants

The ancient Egyptians actually had their own version of dental implants: shells. We shudder to think about that procedure but have to applaud their courage and wisdom. The use of shells as replacement teeth indicated that humans recognized the need for stability. Today, we have a much more refined approach to tooth replacement. Dental implants, tiny posts made of surgical grade titanium, are commonly used to reinstate a functional root after tooth loss. This innovative technique has made it possible for patients to regain full chewing function and also to preserve facial structure through supported bone regeneration.


Sedation techniques have also been tested throughout the ages. In most instances, sedation was considered a valuable aspect of surgical medicine. Today, we see the benefits that effective and mild sedation techniques provide to dental patients. In our office, patients can remedy dental anxiety with the use of nitrous oxide, oral conscious sedation, or with IV sedation for more complicated procedures.

Porcelain Veneers

Cosmetic dentistry as a whole is a relatively new area of dental care. However, veneer treatment was first performed more than 80 years ago. The first veneers, used by Hollywood dentist Dr. Charles Pincus, provided temporary improvement for actors during filming but didn’t last much longer than that. Today, we have durable dental porcelain and a proven bonding technique that allows patients to enjoy veneers for upwards of 15 years.

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How Dental Implants Compare to Natural Teeth

Having a full set of healthy, natural teeth is an expectation that most adults have. We don’t often look into the future and see ourselves needing tooth replacement. This is interesting, considering the evidence that suggests most people will need one or more teeth replaced at some point. In fact, the Academy of General Dentistry has stated that over 50% of men aged 74 and older have lost approximately 12 teeth.

As much as we’d love for all of our patients to keep all of their natural teeth for life, we know there are no guarantees. Because tooth loss may happen, we believe in being prepared with optimal treatment. Dental implants enable us to replace missing teeth in a way that nearly gives natural teeth a run for their money. Here, we discuss how the structure of titanium implant posts and ceramic teeth compares to natural roots and teeth.

Bye-bye Cavities

Natural teeth are susceptible to decay; there’s no way around that fact. As an implant dentist with years of clinical practice performing dental implant treatment, Dr. Goldberg has seen the correlation between widespread decay and the need for tooth replacement. Often, by the time patients visit the dentist to receive dental implants, they have suffered chronic oral pain for years. Understandably, then, their transition into full-arch tooth replacement with dental implants and lifelike crowns or bridges is a life-changing event.

The surgical-grade titanium from which implant posts are made is resistant to all types of corrosion, including cavities. Ceramic crowns and bridges look just like natural teeth, but they won’t get cavities either.  Implant patients do still need to take good care of their oral health, though; the risk of gum disease never goes away completely.

Implants can Last a Lifetime

Dental implants have been used for more than half a century now. As this technique has become more familiar, more dentists are performing the procedure. This has allowed scientists to study the long-term value of dental implants as a form of tooth replacement. At this point, we can see that dental implants can last 30+ years when oral care is sustained.

Nothing beats natural, unless natural is not functioning as it should. To restore comfort and confidence, contact our Succasunna office at (973) 328-1225 for your dental implant consultation.

Dental Implants Succasunna, NJ

One Day to a Healthy New Smile?

Tooth loss is a prevalent problem even in light of significant improvements in oral care. There are several reasons why teeth may fail, suffer disease, or fall out. As much as possible, we try to prevent this from happening by providing our patients a high level of ongoing dental care. At the same time, we realize that it is necessary to offer services that revolve around tooth replacement. More so, we recognize the value of long-term solutions like dental implants.

Dental implant treatment first made an appearance in the 1950s, when research revealed detailed information about the bone tissue beneath teeth. When a titanium post was inserted into the jawbone, bone cells would adhere to it. The process, referred to as osseointegration, took time but led to lasting results in tooth replacement. From that time on, we have seen the methods of dental implant technique become more and more refined. Today, we’ve got the ability to replace a full arch, or full mouth, of teeth in a single visit.

Too Good to be True

If there was ever a situation that seemed too good to be true, it might be this one. To visit your dentist with teeth that are diseased and painful and leave with a whole new smile? That even sounds impossible to us! Let’s look at how Teeth in a Day is an absolute possibility.

Teeth in a Day is one of several all-on-4 dental implant techniques. It was developed to accommodate the needs of patients with less bone density and also to facilitate comfortable healing and convenience for the patient. No one likes the idea of having no teeth while implants integrate into bone tissue. Wearing dentures during this time may be tolerable, but not ideal.

The way that this technique can work is by planning the process step-by-step. Before treatment day, when teeth are removed and implants placed, thorough prep-work is performed. The mouth is measured, impressions may be taken, x-rays may be used as guides for the placement of dental implants and fabrication of the new full-arch bridge. This preparation begins weeks before tooth extraction. Then, on the Big Day, we can transform the overall structure of the mouth with very little complexity. Teeth are removed; implants are situated, and a new bridge is attached. Because a small amount of swelling may occur and minor bone loss may occur, a follow-up is usually scheduled about six months after treatment to assess the fit of the new bridge. If necessary, adjustments may be made to support long-term stability.

Dr. Goldberg has obtained years of additional dental training with a focus on dental implants. He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology and performs some unique implant techniques. To learn more, call our Succasunna office at (973) 328-1225.

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This is What You Get from Dental Implants

Dental Implants Randolph NJTooth loss isn’t something that most people think much about. Early in life, we get excited about the prospect of our teeth falling out, even if the first time is a little frightening. It isn’t until much later in life when the possibility of a tooth or teeth failing recurs. With proper care and a little luck, we may never have to go through such an event at all. Teeth and gums that are maintained well over the years should last a lifetime; that is what nature intended. In the event of injury or poor oral health, though, what is needed is a method of restoration that meets all of our needs.

Successful Tooth Replacement: This is What it Looks Like

Historically, full tooth replacement has been a rather simplistic process. Failing teeth may have been extracted. They could then be replaced with a full denture, a fixture molded to the gums. Viola! New smile for life! The problem with this simple methodology is that it does not meet the full needs we have for eating and speech. Full success in tooth replacement means stability, and this is achievable with dental implants.

Dental implants lead to:

  • Teeth are not intended only for an attractive smile. We have teeth so we can chew, and so we can make certain sounds of speech. If teeth do not stay put when we bite and chew, or when we laugh to speak with other people, then they are not very efficient. Many people who wear dentures choose to leave their “teeth” out more often than not due to the discomfort caused by instability. Dental implants are the stabilizers that support an efficient mouth.
  • We want our smile to endure for life. We want our teeth also to endure so we can continue eating the foods we love. If natural teeth fail, our next best option is to replace them with the most durable and lasting fixtures. The dental implant posts that are introduced into empty root sockets become permanent anchors for replacement teeth by inviting one tissue to grow around them. The integration of these posts provides both stability and permanence.
  • Implant-retained artificial teeth do not need to be removed for cleaning. For proper care, patients are advised to brush and floss or rinse around implants with a water irrigator to inhibit bacterial activity.

We enjoy assisting our Succasunna patients with their oral health. To schedule your visit with us, call (973) 328-1225.

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How to Improve the Success Rate of Dental Implants

Dental Implants Succasunna, NJMany of us can remember our grandparents – and their dentures. Instances of tooth loss used to be far more common than they are today, affecting as much as 50% of adults by middle age. Times are different now than they were in the early 1900s. More of us are keeping more of our teeth longer, right? Yes, to a degree. According to statistics:

  • Tooth loss is still prevalent among 35 to 44-year-olds, affecting almost 70% of this age group.
  • More than 75% of 74-year-olds will face complete tooth replacement.

Tooth loss is not something we want to happen. That means we need to talk about it. The more we talk, and the more we learn, the better we can preserve the natural structure of the mouth. Hygiene is a vital aspect to maintaining teeth for life, but it is not a given. Part of the conversation about tooth preservation also needs to address what to do in the event of tooth loss.

One of the most common ways to replace teeth today is with dental implants. The tiny posts used to replace the root foundation are appropriate for all degrees of tooth loss, from a single tooth to all teeth. Implants are popular largely because of their track record for success (over 95%), a success rate that is maximized by smart choices such as:

  1. Moving quickly. Tooth loss is only the first event. After the initial loss of tooth and root structure comes bone loss, and this can be more difficult to manage. The faster that implants are inserted into the place of missing roots, the better bone tissue can be safeguarded.
  2. Moving carefully. While it is advantageous to have implant treatment sooner rather than later, there is no value at all in rushing into treatment without knowing some important information. Implant care is best performed by an implant dentist who has obtained more than the necessary training. Succassuna dentist Dr. Goldberg studied at The Dawson Center for Comprehensive Dentistry. He is a Diplomate of The American Board of Oral Implantology. His additional Fellowships and associations demonstrate high standards for implant care.
  3. Moving consistently. After implant treatment, patients increase the longevity of their oral structure by taking optimal care of their new teeth. Bacteria never go away and, as such, they threaten gum health. This, in turn, threatens the stability of implants. Maintaining a healthy mouth means maintaining strong, function implants.

We would be happy to consult with you about dental implant treatment. Contact our office for a convenient appointment time.


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Your Story May Not Be Serving you

Dental Implant Succasunna, NJMost adults can remember just how much they loved stories when they were young. Even in adulthood, the story surrounds us. It could be the latest novel that peaks your interest or that action film that just made it to theaters. We all also have personal stories, tales that we tell ourselves. These can dictate the many decisions we make from day to day, including the care we give to ourselves. We even see how dental care may be impacted by certain stories. Here, we will look at how some people let stories about dental implant treatment get between them and their best smile.

Tooth replacement is not necessary

Unless you are facing total tooth failure or loss, you could fall victim to this common story. A lost tooth is a lost tooth, and that small gap in the mouth isn’t visible in the smile, so it doesn’t matter. We’re here to tell you that it matters. Tooth loss results in much more than an altered appearance. It also affects how you chew. Teeth that carry the stress of chewing are now at risk of overuse, excessive wear, and damage.

Dental implants are for younger people

How easily we take ourselves out of just about any game by believing we are too old for one thing or another. Dental implant treatment does not have an age requirement. What is more important is that you are in good general health and that your jaw bone is, as well. Habits like smoking and oral care are important because they dictate the future success of your implants far more directly than your age.

I can just get some other treatment

Patients who say this are saying that they do not believe they deserve to get dental implants. This most often revolves around spending money to restore the smile. If you are tempted to tell yourself this story, remember that you didn’t have to earn the natural teeth that have filled out your smile for your lifetime. Likewise, there is nothing you need to do to deserve a healthy, restored smile.

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Dental Implants, Insurance, and Payment


Morris County Dental Associates Succasunna, NJRarely do patients come to me in need of dental implants without questions about costs, insurance, and payments. This issue of Dental Digest will hopefully shed some light on these issues.


  • Dental insurance does not behave like medical insurance. Dental insurance has a maximum, meaning once your insurance company pays out that amount, they will not pay any more for that benefit period, typically a calendar year. Therefore, if your plan’s maximum is $1,500 and your expected treatment is $5,000, your responsibility will be $3,500.
  • Implant coverage: We are finding more and more policies cover dental implants, but this is a very broad and general statement. When someone undergoes dental implant treatment, there are multiple services that are performed. Coverage for each service is what you need to know. Examples of these services may include: the implant itself, an abutment, a crown, extractions, and grafting. Also, remember the point made above: once the maximum is reached, the insurance company will not pay out any additional funds.
  • Pre-determinations: When you ask your dentist to find out what your plan covers, you are asking for a pre- determination. However, these documents serve very little purpose, except to find out if a procedure is covered under your plan. IT IS NOT A GUARANTEE OF PAYMENT! Just because the document states it is a covered procedure does not mean that it will be paid. There are MANY limitations and exclusions that apply. BEWARE!


  • Dental implants should be thought of as an investment, not an expense. You are investing your time and financial resources into your health. Understanding this concept will help you get away from the restrictive nature of insurance and guide you towards other methods of affording dental implants.


In my practice, we perform many dental implant procedures for our patients and the patients of other dentists. We recognize the financial needs of people, and we offer many opportunities for people to be able to afford the treatments they need and desire:

  • Cash & Check Discounts: Many people have the funds for the services they are requesting, but like all smart consumers, they look for discounts. We will offer those discounts for payments made my cash & check.
  • Home Equity Lines Of Credit: If you own your own home, and with interest rates so low, this is the cheapest money you can borrow. You pay yourself back as you see fit, with no (to little) penalties.
  • Healthcare Financing Companies: There are multiple companies that will lend money for your healthcare needs. Some examples are CareCredit, Lending Club, and Health Credit Services. Plans offered by these companies range from interest-free loans to extended loans at higher interest rates.

In summary, whether your needs are a single implant or complex care such as All-On- Four®, insurance, financing, and your thought process are all important considerations. We help our patients every day with these considerations here at Morris County Dental Associates.

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